Introducing the Troubleshooting Chart

How to troubleshoot production issues with a chart.

The Troubleshooting Chart Process

How the Troubleshooting Chart supports a structured and thorough troubleshooting process.

Communicating with the Troubleshooting Chart

The Troubleshooting Chart helps communicate the impact and status of an issue. We'll see how it concisely communicates critical incident information, makes you look smart, and helps you work better in support of other troubleshooters.

Why Not the Error Chart?

Why not make a chart of errors, rather than going through the trouble to calculate success rate?

Log or Operational Data for Troubleshooting?

Tips on logs and operational data as sources for a Troubleshooting Chart.

Monitoring Advice Distilled

A short summary of monitoring advice.


You will not succeed at resolving issues if you do not believe they exist.


Managing blame for incidents is part of the troubleshooting process.

Customizing Troubleshooting Data

Cooking up data to power your Troubleshooting Chart and incident investigations.